Handbag covered in makeup residue? Makeup brush covered in dirt & bacteria from your handbag? 

Brush Bags is the answer.

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The Frequent User Pack (3xBrush Bags excl. Box) €9.95

The Frequent User Pack includes 3 luxurious Brush Bags for those on the go.

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The Keep It Tidy Pack (5xBrush Bags incl. 1 Box) €14.95

The Keep It Tidy Pack includes 5 luxurious Brush Bags protected by a beautiful Brush Bags box.

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The Professional Pack (15xBrush Bags incl. 3 Boxes) €39.95

The Pro Pack includes 3 beautiful boxes with 5 luxurious Brush Bags in each box.

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These are literally genius! I used to have my makeup brush in a ziplock bag in my handbag...@brushbags are key

Jodie Wood

I didn't even know I needed them until I saw them. I think we all might need them! No more messy handbags, such a good idea. I love them!

Denise Kenny Byrne

This is genius. I'm always throwing things in my handbag, even have a drawer dedicated to handbags essentials in my Alex drawers. You use the bags so your brushes don't ruin your handbag! I just checked and you can reuse the bags AND when you're done, they can be recycled! Fantastic! 

Orla McConnon

Aw I love them - I definitely feel so much cleaner & tidier with them than without. How has it taken this long?

Elaine Stenson

I've started using Brush Bags so that when I clean my brushes they stay clean and I'm keeping my skin free from dirt and bacteria. 

Grainne Gallanagh

Can't wait to swap my sandwich bag for these!

Tuathla Lucey

Brush bags

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