Handbag covered in makeup residue? Makeup brush covered in dirt & bacteria from your handbag? 

Brush Bags is the answer.

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The Frequent User Pack (3xBrush Bags excl. Box) €9.95

The Frequent User Pack includes 3 luxurious Brush Bags for those on the go.

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The Keep It Tidy Pack (5xBrush Bags incl. 1 Box) €14.95

The Keep It Tidy Pack includes 5 luxurious Brush Bags protected by a beautiful Brush Bags box.

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The Professional Pack (15xBrush Bags incl. 3 Boxes) €39.95

The Pro Pack includes 3 beautiful boxes with 5 luxurious Brush Bags in each box.

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Aw I love them - I definitely feel so much cleaner & tidier with them than without. How has it taken this long?

Elaine Stenson

I've started using Brush Bags so that when I clean my brushes they stay clean and I'm keeping my skin free from dirt and bacteria. 

Grainne Gallanagh

Can't wait to swap my sandwich bag for these!

Tuathla Lucey

I didn't even know I needed them until I saw them. I think we all might need them! No more messy handbags, such a good idea. I love them!

Denise Kenny Byrne

This is genius. I'm always throwing things in my handbag, even have a drawer dedicated to handbags essentials in my Alex drawers. You use the bags so your brushes don't ruin your handbag! I just checked and you can reuse the bags AND when you're done, they can be recycled! Fantastic! 

Orla McConnon

These are literally genius! I used to have my makeup brush in a ziplock bag in my handbag...@brushbags are key

Jodie Wood

Brush bags

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