About Us

A working Mum with two beautiful boys, Henry and Charlie, and the better half of Brian, Brush Bags founder, Gillian Murphy tells the story of how her business idea came to life.

The idea came about 5 years ago when I was DJing around the country traveling from gig to gig and needing to freshen up before & during the gigs. To minimise the number of bulky bags I had to carry (i.e. handbag, vanity case, DJ case, decks, speakers, laptop), I tried turning my handbag into a combination 'cosmetic pouch / handbag' but soon realised there was a number of issues with this approach... 

  1. My makeup was loose and mixing with other handbag paraphernalia making it difficult to find the essentials in a hurry (i.e. during the 5-minute window between songs where I'd run to the bathroom to freshen up my makeup).  
  1. When I eventually found my foundation brush, there were head hairs, crumbs and smashed makeup powder stuck in the foundation brush hairs (not to mention the fact that it had been rubbing off keys, money & other handbag items). 
  1. My handbag was now covered in makeup residue, destroying the inside lining of my expensive handbag!
  1. I was about to apply this filthy brush to my face. What's more, my skin broke out badly in spots during the short time of having my brush loose in my handbag - even with frequent washing of my makeup brushes.

It is known that makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and our everyday beauty tools are being carelessly thrown into our beloved handbags, often without a single thought & I was doing just that.

I was desperate to find a compact, clever, more hygienic way to carry my makeup brushes, so I started using sandwich bags as an alternative makeup bag - a simple solution to hold everything in one place. The sandwich bags were great at the beginning of the night but were destroyed with foundation residue just a few short hours later.  Using the sandwich bag only drew attention to just how dirty my handbag and makeup bag would normally get from makeup residue, while highlighting the damage it was doing to my good makeup brushes. 

I discovered I wasn't alone as I met others also using sandwich bags on the go, who like me, were looking for a more practical solution. This solution had to be versatile, appealing to the busy mum on the go, the organised person, the fashionista or someone who simply takes pride in their skin and healthcare. So, the concept of making an attractive, compact, makeup residue disguising, mini makeup bag was conceived.

There was a gap in the market for a hygienic and compact way to store makeup brushes, Brush Bags fills that gap.  They are chic pearlescent makeup brush bags made from recyclable plastic and were created to protect your makeup brushes, your handbags and most importantly your skin.  The solution is here.